Professor Mark Jackson


In recent years, I have taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the history of medicine, including:

1. Undergraduate Special Subject: `Civilisation and disease: health, medicine and the environment, 1750-2000'.

2. Undergraduate Varieties of History course: `The Politics and Practice of Medicine in Modern Britain'.

3. Undergraduate Perspectives: `Health and medicine since antiquity’.

4. MA in the History of Medicine: `Health and Medicine in Modern Britain'.

I have aso been closely involved in developing innovative approaches to medical education, particularly through the inclusion of medical history in undergraduate curricula throughout the country. I have chaired a national action group on history in medical education, have taught special study modules and supervised projects, and organised seminars and conferences in collaboration with the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (now theUniersity of Exeter Medical School) and served as a member of the PCMD’s Medical Humanities, Ethics and Law Curriculum Theme Group. In addition, I have co-edited a special issue of Medical Education on the history of medical education with Sir Kenneth Calman, ex-Chief Medical Officer of Health. I have been particularly active in developing and directing an undergraduate intercalated BA in Medical History for medical students at the PCMD. The first two students completed the degree in 2007 (both achieving very good 2is), and I successfully applied to the Wellcome Trust for student bursaries (£4,000 each) to support those two students and two others over the next year (total £16,000). I have also supervised students from the PCMD who take independent study modules in the history of medicine.


Modules taught