Professor Mark Jackson

Research interests

1. `Lifestyle, health and disease: the history of the concept of balance in modern medicine' (Wellcome Turst funded project), focusing in particular on theories of neurological balance, debates about work-life balance, and concerns about the balance of nature. 
2. The history of stress, health and disease.
3. The relationship between culture, environment and health, in collaboration with colleagues within the medical school and with WHO Euro.
4. The history of allergy and asthma in the twentieth century.
5. Social history of mental deficiency/learning difficulties.
6. Legal medicine and infanticide in early modern England. 



Research collaborations

My current research project on the history of medical concepts of balance involves collaboration with Professor Michael Depledge (European Centre for Environment and Human Health), Professor Paul Dieppe (University of Exeter Medical School) and Professor Edward Watkins (Psychology).

One of the products of this research on balance has been the development of collaborative research with Dr Claudia Stein and Dr Nils Fietje at WHO Euro on the cultural context of health.

I am currently working with Dr Robert Peckham (Hong Kong University) as joint supervisors on a doctoral project on the history of AIDS policies in India.  

In the past, I have pursued collaborative projects with Professor Gregg Mitman (University of Wisconsin) and Professor Chris Sellers (State University of New York).