Dr Alison Haggett

Research supervision

I am happy to discuss research proposals on any subject relevant to my research expertise.  In particular, I am happy to consider working with candidates with interests in the following areas:

History of mental health/illness from the early twentieth century onwards

History of psychiatry

History of institutional care for mental illness

History of masculinity and health from the twentieth century

Women and mental illness in the modern period

Gender and health from the twentieth century

Research students

Daniel Jewson (SWDTP, with Prof., Keir Waddington, Cardiff), 'From Mad House to Mental Hospital: Institutional subcultures During the Remaking of Psychiatry'.

John Clews (with Prof., Mark Jackson), 'Private Patients in Pauper Palaces: Fee-paying Patients in English County and Borough Asylums, 1880-1910'.

Second Supervisor:

Betsy Lewis-Holmes, 'From Health to Leisure? Girlhood and Exercise in England 1874-1914'.

Nicos Kefalos, 'Superfoods, Supplements and Masculinity 1950s-Present'.

Jaqueline Hopkins, 'The Psychiatrist in Fiction'.