Dr Fabrizio Bigotti


Fabrizio Bigotti studied at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where he achieved his BA in Philosophy, with a thesis focused on Aristotle’s theory of mind (110 e lode/Summa cum laude), and the MA in Philosophy of Science, with a thesis on the use of lexical taxonomies in the natural history up to Linnaeus (110 e lode/Summa cum laude).

After awarding the PhD in History of Philosophy and History of Ideas with a thesis on the influence of Galen’s medicine and psychology on the late Renaissance philosophy (ottimo/summa cum laude), in 2012 he moved to the Warburg Institute of London where I studied for a year, thanks to a long-term fellowship granted by ‘La Sapienza’ and then to a short-term fellowship, as Frances A. Yates Fellow, granted by the Warburg institute. Further to this, in 2014 he awarded a research fellowship by the Edward Worth Library in Dublin and other research grants by the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC) and the Scientific Instruments Society (SIS). In 2016 he also awarded the Folger Institute Fellowship (Washington DC, February-May 2017).

Fabrizio Bigotti has also a degree in choral direction at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music (PIMS) and  a wide range of expertise and publications encompassing areas such as composition, choral direction, musicology and musical palaeography.