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Dr Peter Claughton

Honorary University Fellow


CV for Dr Peter Claughton

I am an economic historian and archaeologist specialising in the extractive industries, particularly non-ferrous metal mining. My affiliation to the University of Exeter commenced in the early-1990s, initially as a post-graduate student, followed by a short spell as a Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology, and latterly as an Honorary University Fellow.

The focus of my research has primarily been on the production of silver, from the Medieval Period through to the 19th and early 20th centuries, in Britain and in eastern Australia, working on documentary sources and relating those to the field evidence. I have also developed a keen interest in the supply of iron ores to the early steel industry in Britain and in France.

Outside my specialist interests, I have worked extensively with the voluntary sector, on conservation issues related to mining heritage and directing the assessment of archaeological resources on a national basis. I also work with community groups, planning and managing the investigation of both historical and archaeological evidence.