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Professor Jonathan Barry

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise on most aspects of early modern history, with particular interest in urban, regional, medical, religious or intellectual history. I like to supervise jointly with a colleague, holding joint supervisions and so ensuring that the student gets the benefit of broad support. This has included cross-disciplinary supervision with colleagues in English and Classics and I am keen to maintain this, both at Exeter and as part of the AHRC's DTP programme with other universities in the consortium.

I am currently co-supervising students working on:

  • Feigned illness in 18C England (AHRC funded)
  • The social history of the cloth industry in early modern Exeter (AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award with Tuckers Hall Exeter)
  • Reconstructing the social and topographical history of Exeter c.1550-1605
  • The trading community of Exeter c.1450-1580
  • The port of Bristol in the later eighteenth century
  • Women travellers in Europe c.1780-1840
  • Bankruptcy in eighteenth century England

For my previous research students, see the section on 'research students' in this profile.


Research students

The topics that I am currently supervising are listed in the 'research supervision section'. Below is a list of successful Phd students for whom I was lead supervisor.

Research students recently supervised:

Lisa Jarman: 'Galenism in Early Modern England' (Wellcome funded)

Tim Beattie: 'South Sea Privateering Voyages in the Eighteenth Century'

Natasha Mihaliovic: 'Death and the Dead in Eighteenth-Century England' (AHRC funded)

Anthea Davies: 'Physicians in the West Country and East Anglia in the 18th Centur'y (Wellcome Trust funded)

Tom Blaen: 'Lapidaries in Early Modern England' (University funded)

Jonathan Harlow: external supervisor for a University of West of England PhD on a Quaker merchant in 17th Century Bristol

Ian Mortimer (AHRB funded): 'Medical assistance to the dying in provincial Southern England c.1570-1720' (winner of Alexander Prize of Royal Historical Society in 2004 for essay based on this research; author of a series of acclaimed bipgraphies of medieval leaders and the best-selling Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England and Time Travellers Guide to Elizabethan England.

David Reeve: 'Wimborne Minster 1620-1690' (now in charge of modern records section of Dorset Archives Office).

Mariko Mizui (funded by Japanese Government): "The interest groups of the tin industry in England c.1580-1640' (now lecturing at a Japanese university)

Priscilla Flower-Smith: 'Landowners on the Devon-Somerset Border 1660-1715'

David Cullum (ESRC-funded): 'Society and economy in west Cornwall c1588-1750', awarded Ph.D. in 1994 (became a census demographer for Gloucestershire County Council).

Mary Wolffe: 'Gentry government of Devon 1625-1640'  (subsequently published as Gentry leaders in peace and war: the gentry governors of Devon in the early seventeenth century (University of Exeter Press, 1997)