Volume 10 (2018). Empire Edition.

Editorial Note

Editorial Team 2017-18


Christopher Joh Morris (Trinity College Dublin), 'May the King Live For Ever: A Statistical Analysis of Stress from Reign Change in Imperial and Non-Imperial Polities', pp. 1-19.

Ployjai Pintobtang (University of Sussex), ‘Rewriting the History of English Liberty: Jean-Louis Delolmeā€™s The Constitution of England (1771)’, pp. 20-51.

Kate Jones (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Beyond the Red-Barbed Wire: A Study of Holocaust Literature Covers’, pp. 52-70.

Jan Richardson (Monash University), ‘Challenging Race and Gender Injustice in Western Australia's Constitution: Don McLeod spots an opportunity’, pp. 71-102.

Book Reviews

James Watts (University of Bristol), ‘Review of Indrani Sen, Gendered Transactions: The white woman in colonial India, c. 1820-1930’, pp. 103-106.

Benjamin Bassett (Monash University), ‘Review of Michael Kulikowski, Imperial Triumph: The Roman World from Hadrian to Constantine’, pp. 107-110.

Nicolas Buckley (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Review of Fernando Aramburu, Patria’, pp. 111-113.

Jake Dyble (University of Exeter), ‘Review of Corey Tazzara, The Free Port of Livorno and the Transformation of the Mediterranean World, 1574-1790’, pp. 114-117.

Sheragim Jenabzadeh (University of Toronto), ‘Review of Krishan Kumar, Visions of Empire: How Five Imperial Regimes Shaped the World’, pp. 118-121.