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Imperial and Global

The Imperial and Global group encompasses research on the histories and legacies of colonialism in Africa, the Middle East and India, the experiences of Western Europe's colonial powers (especially Britain and France) (Pennell), and the impact of decolonisation across Western and Eastern Europe.

It has particular strengths in the integration of British and Imperial histories, including the political cultures and ideologies of empire (Thompson, Toye and Thackeray); comparative studies of colonial violence, crime, policing and punishment (Hynd, Thomas); the relationship between imperial, global and transnational histories (Fletcher, Mark, Thomas, Thompson); the history of nomadic societies and desert environments (Flethcher); and the history of religious change, particularly regarding Muslim society and politics in South Asia (Jones).

Joint research projects and emerging areas of shared interest across the group include: the imperial dynamics of globalisation (Thomas and Thompson); the rhetoric of empire (Toye and Thomas); histories of humanitarian interventions and human rights (Hynd and Thompson); the impact of decolonisation on the making of post-war Europe (Mark and Thompson); and legal histories of empire (Hynd and Jones).

The group has strong international collaborative links, for example with the University of Lille III, Paris I Sorbonne, the University of Copenhagen, Monash University, the University of Sydney, Peking University, the University of South Africa in Pretoria, the Université de Québec, Imre Kertész Kolleg at the University of Jena, and the Centre for Area Studies at the University of Leipzig, and is well integrated with the Centre for Histories of Violence and Conflict.

More information can be found on the Centre for Imperial and Global History website.

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