New Approaches to Medicine in Wales

Friday 16th May 2014 


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What is Wales’ place within the broader history of medicine? Traditional histories of Wales have often tended to look inwards, with a narrow focus upon medical folklore, nineteenth-century industrial health or Wales' role in the creation of the National Health Service. In older narratives of progress and professionalization, Wales has often appeared insular and disconnected. But as historians have turned to the importance of the local and regional, as well as the national, the place of Wales within a wider medical world, both now and in the past, increasingly calls for attention.

This workshop will act as a hub for colleagues from a wide range of disciplines to encourage new dialogues about future directions for Welsh medical history.

A conference jointly organised by Collaborative Interdisciplinary Study of Science, Medicine and the Imagination Research Group, Cardiff University, Centre for the History of Medicine, University of Exeter, and The Wales Network for the History and Social Study of Science, Technology and Medicine (Myrddin)