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A blonde woman holding up her hands in exultation as light radiates around her representing the healthful effects of the medicine 'Kalzana'. Kalzana was a calcium preparation widely advertised in the 1920s and 1930s.
The Wellcome Library, London

Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference 2016 University of Exeter, 28-29 July 2016

Following on from the success of preceding Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conferences in 2014 and 2015, this interdisciplinary conference aimed to reflect the broad and vibrant research of the medical humanities by bringing together postgraduate researchers from across the field.

The conference enabled postgraduates to exchange ideas and share their work in a welcoming and stimulating environment, providing the opportunity to discuss their research with scholars working from a range of perspectives.

Keynote Speakers:

Mike Mantin (Swansea University)

Jana Funke (University of Exeter)

Media, Engagement and Impact Roundtable

Vanessa Heggie (University of Birmingham)

Alun Withey (University of Exeter)

Evening Performance with questions and answers

The Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley)