Tickbox matches people with political parties. Image courtesy Shutterstock.com

New website will help to sort the political wheat from the chaff in Euro elections

With just three days to go until the European Elections, TickBox.org.uk says voters remain undecided on which political party to support.

The 2014 European Elections are perhaps the most controversial ever, with right wing parties across Europe performing strongly in the polls.

Created by University of Exeter undergraduates, TickBox is specifically designed to help UK voters access information about electoral candidates in an easy to understand and engaging way. The website is visual and simple to navigate. By asking the user a set of simple questions about their own beliefs and values it then suggests the most appropriate political party for whom to vote.

TickBox has already been successfully tested at student elections at the universities of Bristol and Exeter. In future, TickBox could be used during the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the UK 2015 General Election to give up-to-the minute information about the sorts of policies and issues voters are most interested in.

Matt Morley CEO of TickBox said: “If you’re unsure of who to vote for or don’t feel you know enough about the political parties please visit the website. You will find clear, unbiased information about the values and beliefs of the political parties involved and the website can match these against your own. It’s important that people vote in these important elections which will shape the future and nature of Europe.”

Matt Morley is a second year History student at University of Exeter and, frustrated by the political disillusion of his fellow students, he decided to find a way to help them engage in the political process. Collaborating with his friends Sam, Alex & Nik and Exeter-based digital design agency SeeData, TickBox is the result.

John James, founder of SeeData said: “This is a new and unique capability that connects people, politics and ideas through technology – it really is a great example of how technology can enable and simplify our lives.”

Sean Fielding, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Exeter and chair of the SETsquared Management Board said: “We’re absolutely delighted that the University has been able to help these amazing students launch such an innovative concept. We have been able to provide both advice and access to funding which has helped to get this excellent idea off the ground.”

Date: 19 May 2014

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