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Why the Industrial Revolution happened explored in TV documentary

University of Exeter historian to examine one of the most extraordinary periods in British history: the Industrial Revolution in an hour long programme on BBC Two.

As the presenter of the television documentary, Professor Jeremy Black explains the unique economic, social and political conditions that by the 19th century, led to Britain becoming the richest, most powerful nation on Earth. It was a time that transformed the way people think, work and play forever.

He traces the unprecedented explosion of new ideas and technological inventions that transformed Britain's agricultural society into an increasingly industrial and urbanised one. The programme ‘Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here’ explores two fascinating questions - why did the industrial revolution happen when it did, and why did it happen in Britain?

Professor Black discusses the reasons behind this transformation; from Britain's coal reserves, which gave it a seemingly inexhaustible source of power, to the ascendency of political liberalism, with engineers and industrialists able to meet and share ideas and inventions. He explains the influence that geniuses like Josiah Wedgewood had on the consumer revolution and travels to Antigua to examine the impact Britain's empire had on this extraordinary period of growth.

The 'Why the Industrial Revolution Happended Here' programme is aired on BBC Two at 9.30pm on Monday 14 January.


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Date: 14 January 2013

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