Dr Debra Ramsay



Extension: 4250

Telephone: 01392 724250

I am a Lecturer in Film Studies in the Department of English and Film at Exeter (Queen's Building, 251).  My research interests lie in investigating the relationship between war, memory and media.  My work is interdisciplinary by necessity, and draws not only on memory and media studies, but also incorporates aspects of history, sociology and psychology.  In my work I examine how inter-connections between various screen industries, texts and technologies – primarily film, television and digital games - and their audiences shape the memory and understanding of war.

For example, my monograph American Media and the Memory of World War II (2015) tracks representations of World War II in popular American culture across three generations, with a particular focus on how the war is represented in American films, television series and digital games of the last two decades.  The impact of digital media on how war is represented, remembered and understood is a consistent theme throughout my publications, which include an article exploring what the First Person Shooter contributes to the memory and history of World War II.  Current research includes work on digital transformations war memory and the archive as part of the AHRC ‘Technologies of Memory’ Project.  I am also Reviews Editor for the Media, War and Culture Journal.


I teach in areas of film theory and history, with a specific focus on American cinema.