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Chris Grosvenor

Chris Grosvenor

After studying English Literature and Film Studies as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter (2010-13), followed by an MA in Film Studies at the University of Warwick (2013-14), I am now a PhD student at the University of Exeter.

My thesis - 'Cinema on the Front Line' - examines the role of the cinema as it intersected with the lives of those who served for Britain during the First World War, shining a light on a largely unacknowledged history within the discipline of Film Studies. Of particular interest are instances of cinematic exhibition that were implemented for military audiences on the front lines themselves, often in very close proximity to the dangers of the battlefield. More broadly, my research interests include silent cinema, British film history, exhibition studies and the work of silent comedian Charlie Chaplin.

As a PTA during the 2016/17 academic year, I was taught a seminar group for the Level 2 module 'Adaptation: Text, Image, Culture' which took place in the second term.

Beyond my academic work I am a keen film fan and critic, having written for numerous publications. I have also been involved with the establishment and organisation of an award winning film society where I resided on the film selection committee, produced promotional material, including literature and short films, and introduced screenings for over 150 people. I also volunteer at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum.


Supervisors: Dr. Joe Kember and Dr. Debra Ramsay.

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