The MA Independent Film Business is led by Angus Finney.

Course Co-Director: Angus Finney

Angus Finney, former director of Renaissance Films, project manager of the Film London Production Finance Market, and author of The International Film Business: A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood, and a further four books on production, distribution and financing, has been appointed lead tutor on the programme alongside course co-ordinator Will Higbee of the University of Exeter.

In addition, the producer Scott Meek will chair an Advisory Panel for Production studies at the London Film School, which will support teaching and mentorship on the MA International Film Business.

"This is a new kind of producers degree which also works for distributors, programmers, sales agents and business affairs executives" said LFS Director Ben Gibson, "It starts from the realisation that the producer's job is as much about markets and business as it is about material and shooting."

"The LFS and Exeter are offering a compelling, focussed and highly relevant course for future practitioners dedicated to a career in the international film business," said Angus Finney. "Our ambition is to consistently populate the sector with some of the brightest and most informed players who grasp both current market demands and capture future value."

"The Masters programme aims to combine teaching expertise from world-class researchers in film and business studies at the University of Exeter, with the LFS's detailed knowledge of, and direct relationship to, the industry,” said Will Higbee. “Our students will benefit from a series of historical, theoretical and practical perspectives that will equip them with the right skills to succeed as the next generation of international producers. We are proud and excited to be collaborating with the LFS on such a genuinely innovative Masters programme."