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I am in the Department of English and the History of Art and Visual Cultures programme. Please click on the links in the sidebar to see my research profile, publications and CV.

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Medical Talk: Debate over Dissection: Anatomists, Artists, Resurrectionists and Gothic Writers at Arnos Vale, Bristol, Wednesday, 6 November

Explore the nineteenth-century debates surrounding dissection and the vigorous trade in grave robbing.

Nineteenth-century science demanded a growing supply of bodies upon which medical students and practitioners could hone their skills through dissection.

The problem was, demand for fresh bodies often outstretched supply from legitimate sources, which is where "Resurrection Men" came in..... This illustrated talk will explore the debates which surrounded dissection in the nineteenth century. We will focus on how caricaturists, artists and writers - particularly gothic writers - both interrogated and supported the aims of medicine and responded to the vigourous trade in grave robbing. We will also consider the modern legacy of some of these debates, asking: How have medical struggles in the Victorian era shaped our own discussions and representations of these issues? What is the role of art in deciding questions of medical ethics?

About the Speaker
Dr Corinna Wagner is Senior Lecturer in Medical Humanities and the Arts at the University of Exeter. She is also Principal Investigator in an AHRC project on Identity, Community and Victorian Medievalism at the College of Humanities, University of Exeter. Her new book Pathological Bodies: Medicine and Political Culture is coming out soon.

Time: 7.30pm
Price: £5




Tuesday 10th December 2013 at 6.00p.m.

Newman Collaborative Lecture Theatre

Peter Chalk Building

Streatham Campus, Exeter University

 Free entrance, essential to RSVP: S.Flint@exeter.ac.uk


How have medicine, science, and the arts responded to the many issues surrounding water, waste and disease? Poet Dr Andy Brown and critic Dr Corinna Wagner (author of Pathological Bodies: Medicine and Political Culture) will raise this and other questions with their special guests:


TOM CHIVERS is poet in residence for Cape Farewell’s ADRIFT project, exploring the relationships between environment and city, climate and culture. Tom is working on a new book about London’s underground rivers, London Clay, as well as Flood Drain, a new poetry project for the Humber Mouth.


ELEANOR CROOK is an artist who specializes in wax and wood anatomical figures, facial reconstruction, and works with forensic experts and plastic surgeons. Eleanor is artist in residence at the Gordon Museum of Pathology (Guy’s Hospital) and exhibits internationally in fine art and science museums.


MICHAEL DEPLEDGE is Professor of Environment at Exeter, and Chair of the Board of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. He is an expert advisor on marine pollution to the UN, working on the Rapid Assessment of Marine Pollution for UNEP, and is also an expert advisor to the World Health Organisation.


PAUL FARLEY is a celebrated poet and broadcaster. His four major collections, including The Dark Film and The Ice Age, contain poems about water and civic amenity, while his non-fiction book Edgelands explores the wildernesses at the margins of England’s cities.


The evening will include short readings, a panel discussion and audience Q&A ‒ AND an amazing demonstration of wax working by Eleanor Crook.


Celebrate TWO exciting launches:

Wednesday 11th December 2013


LT1 Queen’s Building

then drinks and discussions Senior Common Room

Pathological Bodies: Medicine and Political Culture


Dr Corinna Wagner


AND the ‘PechaKucha’* launch of

Science, Medicine and the Arts Research Group

in the Department of English



exploring intersections between

medicine and political culture,

anatomy and pathology, sexuality and reproduction,

cleanliness and contamination, diet and drink