Photo of Dr Peter Riley

Dr Peter Riley

Lecturer in American Literature


Extension: 5300

Telephone: 01392 725300

Peter Riley's research examines nineteenth- through early twentieth-century American poetry in relation to modernism, labour history, critical theory, and the social sciences, with a secondary focus on race, ethnicity, and German-American studies.

He has published articles in the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies and contributed to the collection of essays Melville as Poet: The Art of ‘Pulsed Life’ (Kent State UP), as well as the Cambridge History of American Working-Class Literature. He has just finished a book entitled Archives of Distraction: Whitman, Melville, Crane, and the Labors of American Poetry.

After completing his AHRC-funded PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2012, he was appointed Early Career Fellow in American Literature at the University of Oxford (2012-2014). He is a co-founder of BrANCA (British Association of Nineteenth-Century Americanists), and co-organised the inaugural BrANCA symposium “Aesthetics/Politics” at the University of Sussex. He also recently organised the International Walt Whitman Week at Exeter 2016. Also a one-time committee member of the Cambridge Footlights (2008-2010).