Photo of Professor Nicholas McDowell

Professor Nicholas McDowell

Research supervision

Professor McDowell has recently supervised AHRC-funded doctoral students working on Milton, Marvell and Anglo-Dutch relations and on Milton and materialist philosophies. Currently he is supervising students workng on topics including Milton and utopianism and Milton as a reader of the Bible. He will be pleased to discuss potential doctoral projects relating to literature and culture in Britain, c. 1500-1750.

Topics on which he can offer expert supervison include:

  • early modern poetry
  • early modern prose
  • literature and the English Civil Wars
  • literature and political allegiance
  • literature and religious difference / theology / the Bible
  • heterodoxy and radical ideas
  • translation and literary transmission, especially Anglo-French
  • education, humanism and the universities
  • literary patronage and literary communities
  • representations of Ireland / the Irish
  • scholarly editing and textual studies
  • connections between early modern and modern poetry
  • 17th-century reception of Shakespeare
  • Milton
  • Andrew Marvell
  • Herrick, Lovelace and the 'Cavalier' Poets
  • Swift and eighteenth-century satire