Photo of Professor Tim Kendall

Professor Tim Kendall

Research supervision

War poetry; archives; writers' letters; anthologies. Specific authors include Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, Keith Douglas, Ivor Gurney, Rudyard Kipling, William Golding.


Research students

The following PhD students successfully completed in 2013:

  • Philip Lancaster (PhD on Ivor Gurney).
  • Carrie Smith (PhD on Ted Hughes, co-supervised with Jo Gill).
  • Rebecca Welshman (PhD on Thomas Hardy, Richard Jefferies and Victorian Archaeology)

In 2014:

  • Sadia Rehman (MbyRes on T. S. Eliot).

In 2015:

  • Jasmine Hunter Evans (PhD on David Jones, co-supervised with Rebecca Langlands).
  • Lucy Tunstall (PhD on Sylvia Plath, co-supervised with Jo Gll).

In 2016:

  • Grant Repshire (PhD on F W Harvey).
  • Suzanne Steele (PhD on war poetry).
  • Luke Thompson (PhD on Jack Clemo).

In 2018:

  • Pete Bunten (PhD on Henry Williamson).
  • Bysshe Coffey (PhD on Percy Shelley).