Dr Michael Flexer


Teaching experience

I taught Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level at Barnet FE College from 2006-2010.  At University of Leeds, I taught the first year drama module and the second year Shakespeare module.

For two years, I taught psycholinguistics at Sheffield Hallam University, and supervised student dissertations. 

At Imperial, I taught on a range of medical humanities topics including: anatomy and the history of the human body; critical histories of medicine; the history of psychiatry and neurology; politics and anti-psychiatry; cultural representations of mental health; medicalisation of death; medical semiotics.

Teaching approach

I believe in creating a lively discursive classroom environment, teaching and learning dialectically with the students.  I often incorporate drama techniques, with role plays, improvisations and mini-plays, and enjoy stimulating debate and dissent.  I am a committed educationalist, having taught in secondary schools and tertiary education and serving as a primary school governor for five years.