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Thu 13 Dec

Start time: 16:30

Tickets for students/staff: 28
Tickets for public: 20

MA Performances

Location: TS2 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

An exploration of womanhood and control in relation to the mind and the body. This piece uses physical theatre, mask, language and rhythm to comment on the physical and psychological manipulation of women throughout different stages of their life. “It’s my body, It’s my choice"

Changing Channels
Ever spent a sleepless night channel surfing? What oddities do you find? What grabs your interest? What inspires you? Pour yourself a drink and settle in for a show like no other. It's time for feminists to bite back!

Camilla! Camilla!
In The Winter’s Tale, Camilla chose justice over loyalty. She fled from Sicily with Polixenes and arrived at the faraway land of Bohemia, a strange place which she can’t wait to call it home.