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Mon 15 Feb

Start time: 10:00

Practical workshop: Anatolian and Middle Eastern Dance - Drama and Music

Location: TS2 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

In February the department of Drama at Exeter will host a practical workshop exploring fundamental elements of Middle Eastern dance, drama and music in dialogue with contemporary performance training. Bringing together two leading performers and academics working on these areas, the workshop explores the influence of Sufi spiritual traditions on physical training for the actor/dancer.

Dr. Selçuk Göldere,director of  Dance at  Hacettepe University  Turkey, teaches dramatic and epic acting; modern and contemporary dance techniques; choreography, composition and improvisation. Dr. Goldere studied at Ankara University and  The University of Amsterdam, specialising in physical theatre.  He has choreographed for “Samah - Kardeşlik Töreni” and Ankara Deneme Sahnesi andcollaborated with the Grotowski Theatre Research Centre and the Tomashevski Theatre Groups in Poland. Recently he has led workshops in Turkey, Israel, Germany, India and now the U.K.

Dr. Hannah McClure,teaching Fellow in Dance at the University of Surrey,is a fully trained semazen and  professional choreographer. She is a fully licensed somatic practitioner and has worked in both therapeutic and artistic mediums for over 20 years. Dr. McClure's PhD thesis, “Actualizing the Contents of the Heart: the practice based journey of a female Mevlevi semazen” was awarded by viva in November 2015. Dr. McClure's work with sema crosses the cognitive, philosophical, personal and political. She now bridges these interests, purposefully bringing the  power of whirling to artistic production and dancer/actor/human transformations.

For the first time Dr. Selçuk Göldere and Dr. Hannah McClure will work together to introduce participants to the philosophies and practices of specific musical and choreutic structures from the Middle East and Anatolia, as well as the Mevlevi sema and the Alevi semah. Participants will thus gain an in depth understanding of these transformative processes.   

The workshop will be hosted in the Drama Department (Studio TS2, Alexander Building, New North Road) and runs over three sessions:

  • Monday 15th February 10am – 2pm
  • Tuesday 16th February 10am – 2pm
  • Wednesday 17th February 9am – 1pm

The workshop is open up to a maximum of 20 participants. Priority will be given to performing artists and scholars with an interest in Sufism and Middle Eastern performing arts.

To participate please send a short biography, a motivation letter (200 to 400 words) and a scanned copy of your student ID (if registered in a University program different than the University of Exeter) to Sinibaldo De Rosa sd435@exeter.ac.uk or Veronica Buffon vb246@exeter.ac.uk.

Please send your applications as soon as possible and no later than the 6nd of February. Selected applicants will be notified by the 8th of February and invited to register online. Registration must be complete by the 12th of February

The cost is £25 for non-students and £10 fee for PGRs, MAs, and undergraduates studying in any University in the UK. Fees should be paid at the moment of registration.

For further queries please contact Sinibaldo De Rosa sd435@exeter.ac.uk orVeronica Buffon vb246@exeter.ac.uk.

Funded by The Exeter HUMS Graduate School PGR Activities Award and with the support of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Drama Department (University of Exeter). 

Wed 17 Feb

Start time: 13:30

Tickets for students/staff: 15
Tickets for public: 0
Admission Free
No public tickets available
End Time: 15:00

PG Tips: Publications

Presented by: Natasha Lushetich
Location: SR1

Wed 09 Mar

Start time: 16:00

End Time: 17:00

Writing Workshop: Using Sources: Analysis, Synthesis, Citations.

Presented by: Katie Beswick
Location: SR2

We will be workshopping ways to integrate sources into an argument, how to use ideas from different sources to make ‘original’ insights and discussing citation and referencing conventions. I will have 6 1-2-1 sessions available from 5-6pm. There is a sign up sheet on my door.