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Thu 30 Mar

Start time: 17:30

Please imagine...

Location: TS1 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

An evening of solo ensemble work from DRAM096 Performance Practice Project students

The MA students have created eight short solo pieces that very much draw on ensemble, collaborative principles.  They have brought their own interests and stories, carried with them tools introduced last term and drawn on approaches to devising and composition from this module.  Starting from the body, they have explored space, sound, objects, image, generating text, storytelling and ways of making and seeing.

The evening’s programme begins at 5.30pm in TS1.  Come to all pieces or drop in when you can but please reserve a place.
NB: Timings are approximate

5.30pm: Playing/Re: Playing, Hajime Matsuo TS1
‘One year ago, I thought Exeter was a fictional city on my PC… Please enjoy this participatory performance with me!’
Note: Audience limited to 28 for this piece.

6pm: 'Small steps to the top of the staircase', Madde Ritchie TS1 
A solo performance exploring the emotional journey from grief to hope and the healing process after loss. This visceral and interdisciplinary piece also conveys the importance of choices in extreme situations.

6.30pm: Open the eyes and we will see, Ning Dai TS2
An attempt to revisit a personal yet collective memory triggered by a student movement which happened in Taiwan in 2014, with visual and audio elements.

7pm: The Breathing Stone, Mark Bedford TS1
Breath changes life and life changes breath and the monk searches for the one stone that would save him……
A performance exploring the many breaths that we all take: deep, shallow, contracted, gasping, full, expansive, birth and death.

7.30pm: It is not an apple tree, Clover Huang TS2
It is possible that a person can walk on two paths at the same time. You walk on this path, looking at the other self on the parallel path with suspicious eyes.
She said people grow like a tree.
You plant a tree when you are young.
You leave your hometown when you are grown.
One day, you might be back here.

8pm: 1095, Pei-Chen Li TS1
‘I don’t know where I should go in this city.’
‘Then, follow the crowd.’
A memory of living in Taipei takes you back to Taiwan.  A story based on the Sunflower movement that happened in 2014.  An exploration through space and physicality to restage the protest. After 1095 days, do we really live our lives as we want?

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8.45pm: Rock… Paper… Scissors…, Kian Hattar, RS1
This performance takes us on a journey with a girl who faced the most outrageous experience of rape and injustice but remained brave along the journey. This journey full of hope, fear and betrayal and represents that of many women living in a repressive culture where basic human rights are denied by the Iranian regime.
Note: The performance contains GRAPHIC IMAGES

9.15pm: ‘All the daughters of my father's house’ co-created and performed by Zhiyue Hu, co-created and directed by Jeremy Balfour, RS2
Tea and cider, here and there, other and self.
This semi-autobiographical piece takes you through a girl's struggle with identity, culture, taboo and love.