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Mon 21 Jan

Start time: 08:15

Tickets for students/staff: 13
Admission Free
No public tickets available
End Time: 09:15

Free Actor Training for undergraduates

Location: TS2 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

Free early morning psychophysical training in the Drama Department opens for all undergraduates on Monday 21st January.

In order to boost embodied knowledge within Exeter Drama Department, the postgrads’ Performance Practice Working Group (PPWG) wish to introduce undergraduates and fellow researchers to a variety of different Disciplines and Body/Mind Training techniques.

Current members of the PPWG have professional theatre experience and come from diverse training backgrounds.

The training is daily, 08:15 - 09:15 TS2, Alexander Building.

Monday: Tai Chi
Tuesday: Vocal Integration (Acting and Singing)
Wednesday: Tai Chi
Thursday: Vocal Integration (Acting and Singing)
Friday: Open experimentation with methods and techniques

Duration for Semester 2: January 21st - March 29th

Tai Chi:
A playful, yet disciplined, discovery of the body’s structure, movement and energetic flow.

We will train in Qi Kung standing meditation practices, to align the posture, bring awareness into the body and focus the mind; Tai Chi to encourage flow and loosen up the body’s ligaments and joints; and gentle Push Hands applications, to test our practice and to help develop complicité with others.

Applied to a theatrical use, it strengthens focus, physical awareness, spatial and postural awareness, by balancing and grounding the multi-dimensional mind.

Integration of Singing and Theatre Voice:
A vocal training for actors which integrates singing and theatre voice and draws elements from Hatha Yoga, Alexander Technique and Pilates. It is inspired by teachings of leading coaches and directors such as Katherine Fitzmaurice, Joan Melton, and Andrew Wade.

We will work on alignment, to give us resonance in our voice and balance when we dance and sing. Our focus will be breath work, especially exercises from Fitzmaurice’s deconstruction and reconstruction, loudness control, range, resonance and articulation.

Wed 23 Jan

Start time: 16:30

Tickets for students/staff: 27
Tickets for public: 18
Admission Free
End Time: 18:30

Teaching Drama in Asia after studying at Exeter

Presented by:

Dr. John Somers

Location: TS2 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

Four ex-students of the Drama Department Dr Shu-hwa Jung (Taiwan), Dr Yi-man Au (Hong Kong), Yu-mei Chang (Taiwan), and Hwang Ha Young (South Korea) will visit Exeter later this month and will give a shared presentation. Undergraduates, postgraduates and staff are welcome to attend this session which will reveal how Drama can be introduced into schools and universities in countries which have a long tradition of theatre forms but generally do not use Drama in the ways with which we are familiar – devising, improvisation, collaborative creation etc.  Find our how these enterprising lecturers/teachers/workshop leaders used what they gained at Exeter to work in Drama in contexts where the development of the artform depended on their ability to teach it and ‘sell it’ to their colleagues and senior management.  Twenty-minute presentations from each with time for questions and discussion.  A chance to experience how Drama is used in other international contexts and to talk to the presenters following their presentations.

This seminar, introduced by Honorary Fellow Dr John Somers, will see students of Exeter Drama’s Applied Theatre MA return to the Department to discuss how they have used their studies in various contexts across Asia. 

This seminar forms part of the Drama Department’s 50th Anniversary seminar series. This term the seminars are hosted by the Centre for Performance Histories and Cultures, and are themed around ‘Histories and Cultures of Arts Education’.