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Sun 02 Sep

Start time: 09:00

Tickets for public: 30
Admission Free
End Time: 10:00

Drama50 - Yoga Session

Presented by: Rebecca Loukes
Location: TS2 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

For attendees of the Drama 50 Event only!

Current staff member, Rebecca Loukes, is offering a gentle, post-party yoga session for early-birds in the Alexander Building at Thornlea between 09.00am-10.00am. The contents of the session will be recognised by those who worked with Rebecca or Phillip Zarrilli, but it is open to anyone. Dress appropriately. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 30.
Please reserve a place by clicking on the button on the left.

Fri 21 Sep

Start time: 18:00

End Time: 19:10

A Pint Sized Conversation

Presented by: Dylan Frankland, Rosa Day-Jones, Tobias Grace and Katherine Lea
Location: RS2 (Roborough Studios, Prince of Wales Road)

“This summer, she comes to my door and tells me she’s been diagnosed with depression and I think to myself – not this again”
My friend.
My cousin.
My sister.
My step dad.
So, we know what you’re thinking.
It’s going to get real sad and serious from now on.
And you’re not wrong, there is going to be stuff in here that is sad.
And serious.
But don’t worry. We’ve got pork scratchings.
A piece about mental health and offering support.
About not getting it right all of the time.
But trying.

This performance is free of charge for all new Drama students.
Others will need to pay £2 admission.

Supported by the University of Exeter Annual Fund

Wed 17 Oct

Start time: 16:30

Tickets for students/staff: 30
Tickets for public: 20
Admission Free
End Time: 18:30

Research Seminar: Phillip Zarrilli - Subjectivity, Self, Character & Figure in Performance

Location: TS1 (Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Rd.)

"Is it possible that the self is not an object, not a noun, but a verb…?"  (Zia Haider Rahman 2014:447)

This talk is based on a chapter from my forthcoming book, `(toward) a phenomenology of acting (Routledge Press). I discuss the relationship between subjectivity, self, and ‘character’ or ‘figure’ in performance. The nature of our subjective experience, and the notion of ‘self’ are of course absolutely central to the work and experience of the actor in performance; however, among cognitive/neuro-scientists as well as psychologists and philosophers, there is absolutely “no consensus about whether the self has an experiential reality or whether it is nothing but a theoretical fiction” (Gallagher and Zahavi 2012:219). I will negotiate my way through various concepts of 'self' in order to focus on how/why the work of actors/performers can be clarified and enriched by a better understanding the relationship between subjectivity, self, character and figure.