Pegasus is a journal established in 1964 and published by postgraduate students.


Here is a selection of books published by members of the department in recent years. For full lists of publications please visit individual staff profiles.

Ancient Magic and the Supernatural in the Modern Visual and Performing Arts (2015)<br />Filippo Carlà and Irene Berti A Companion to the City of Rome (2013)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/holleran/'>Claire Holleran</a> (co-editor) Universal in ancient philosophy (2013)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> Marcus Aurelius: Meditations, Books 1-6 (2013)<br /><a href=''>Christopher Gill</a> The Death of Caligula (2013)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> The Heroic Rulers of Archaic and Classical Greece (2013)<br /><a href=''>Lynette Mitchell</a> Dragons, Serpents, and Slayers in the Classical and Early Christian Worlds (2013)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Fasti (2013)<br />A new translation by Anne and <a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Emperors and Bishops in Late Roman Invective (2013)<br /><a href=''>Richard Flower</a> Drakon (2013)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Alien Cities. Consumption and the origins of urbanism in Roman Britain (2013)<br />Dominic Perring and <a href=''>Martin Pitts</a> A Companion to the Latin Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics (2013)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> Every Inch a King (Rulers & Elites) (2012)<br /><a href=''>Lynette Mitchell</a> Il romanzo di Alessandro. Volume 2 (2012)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> he Medieval Reception of Book Zeta of Aristotle's Metaphysics Vol 1 (2012)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> The Alexander Romance in Persia and the East (2012)<br />Edited by <a href='/classics/staff/stoneman/'>Richard Stoneman</a>, Kyle Erickson and Ian Netton Shopping in Ancient Rome (2012)<br /><a href=''>Claire Holleran</a> The Book of Alexander the Great (2012)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Cosmology and the Polis (2012)<br /><a href=''>Richard Seaford</a> L'archeologia dello Scutum Herculis (2012)<br /><a href=''>Sara Chiarini</a> The Medieval Reception of Book Zeta of Aristotle's Metaphysics (2012)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> Demography and the Graeco-Roman World (2011)<br /><a href=''>Claire Holleran</a> Unclassical Traditions v. II: Perspectives from East and West in Late Antiquity (2011)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/flower/'>Richard Flower</a> (co-author) Ovid: Times and Reasons (2011)<br />Anne and <a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>Peter Wiseman</a> Alexander the Great. Myth, Genesis and Sexuality (2011)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Archaia hellenike kai romaike nekromanteia (2011)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Breve storia dell'ontologia (2011)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> Unclassical Traditions: v. 1: Alternatives to the Classical Past in Late Antiquity (2010)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/flower/'>Richard Flower</a> (co-author) Monotheism Between Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity (2010)<br />Edited by <a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> and Peter Van Nuffelen One God: Pagan Monotheism in the Roman Empire (2010)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> and Peter Van Nuffelen (eds) Naturalistic Psychology in Galen and Stoicism (2010)<br /><a href=''>Christopher Gill</a> Nekromantie. Das  antike Wissen über die Totenbeschwörung durch Magie (2010)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Philip II and Alexander the  Great: Father and Son, Life and Afterlives (2010)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> (Co-ed.) Sexual Morality in Ancient Rome (2009)<br /><a href=''>Rebecca Langlands</a> Magic, Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds. Second Edition (2009)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Greek History and Epigraphy: Essays in Honour of P.J. Rhodes (2008)<br /><a href=''>Lynette Mitchell</a> The Imperial temple at Ankara and the Res gesate of the Emperor Augustus (2008)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Perseus (2008)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Night's Black Agents (2008)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Remembering the Roman People (2008)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Unwritten Rome (2008)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Euripides: Orestes (2008)<br /><a href=''>Matthew Wright</a> Ancient Greek Scholarship (2007)<br /><a href=''>Eleanor Dickey</a> Inside Ancient Lucania (2007)<br /><a href=''>Elena Isayev</a> Panhellenism and the Barbarian (2007)<br /><a href=''>Lynette Mitchell</a> In Search of the Sorcerer's Apprentice (2007)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Il Romanzo di Alessandro. Volume I (2007)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Alexander the Great: a Life in Legend (2007)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Ancient Italy: Regions without Borders (2007)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/isayev/'>Elena Isayev</a> (Co-ed.) The Black Sea. Past, Present and Future (2007)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) A Companion to Greek Religion (2007)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> (ed.) The Structured Self in Hellenistic and Roman Thought (2006)<br /><a href=''>Christopher Gill</a> A History of the Later Roman Empire AD 284-641 (2006)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Dionysos (2006)<br /><a href=''>Richard Seaford</a> Aristotle’s Metaphysics Book Zeta: The Contemporary Debate (2006)<br /><a href=''>Gabriele Galluzzo</a> Euripides' Escape-Tragedies (2005)<br /><a href=''>Matthew Wright</a> Virtue, Norms and Objectivity (2005)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> (Ed.) Patterns in the Economy of Roman Asia Minor (2005)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) Food in the Ancient World (2005)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a> (Co-author) Money and the Early Greek Mind (2004)<br /><a href=''>Richard Seaford</a> A Traveller's History of Athens (2004)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> The Myths of Rome (2004)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Clio's Cosmetics: Three Studies in Greco-Roman Literature (reissue) (2004)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Paideia: The World of the Second Sophistic (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/borg/'>Barbara Borg</a> (Editor) Scythians and Greeks (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/braund/'>David Braund</a> (Ed.) Athenian Democratic Origins, and other essays (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/harvey/'>David Harvey</a> (Co-ed.) Aristomenes of Messene (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> Bruxaria e Magia na Europa. Grécia Antiga e Roma (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> (Co-author) Myth, history and performance in Republican Rome (2003)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/braund/'>David Braund</a>, <a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> et al. (Co-ed.), <a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P.Wiseman</a> (Honorand) Galen. On the Properties of Foodstuffs (2003)<br />Owen Powell, ed. and trans, with a foreword by <a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a> Der Logos des Mythos (2002)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> Latin Forms of Address (2002)<br /><a href=''>Eleanor Dickey</a> Magic, Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds. A Sourcebook (2002)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> The Hellenistic World. New Persepectives (2002)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> (Ed.) Classics in Progress. Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome (2002)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> (Ed.) Greek and Roman Necromancy (2001)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> The Boastful Chef (2000)<br /><a href=''>John Wilkins</a> Homer's Iliad: A Commentary on the Translation of Richmond Lattimore (2000)<br />Norman Postlethwaite Athenaeus and his World (2000)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/braund/'>David Braund</a> and <a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a> (Co-ed.) Form and Argument in Late Plato (2000)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> (Co-ed.) The rivals of Aristophanes (2000)<br />Edited by <a href='/classics/staff/harvey/'>David Harvey</a> amd <a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a> Ethnicity and culturein late antiquity (2000)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) The Inscriptions of Central Pisidia (2000)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-author) Polygamy, Prostitutes and Death. The Hellenistic Dynasties (1999)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Plato. The Symposium (1999)<br />Introduction by <a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> Food in Antiquity (1999)<br />Edited by <a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a>, <a href='/classics/staff/harvey/'>David Harvey and Mike Dobson 'Der zierlichste Anblick der Welt ...' Ägyptische Porträtmumien (1998)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> A Luminous Land: Artists Discover Greece (1998)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Roman drama and Roman History (1998)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Reciprocity in Ancient Greece (1998)<br />Edited by <a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a>, Norman Postlethwaite and <a href='/classics/staff/seaford/'>Richard Seaford Pisidian Antioch. The site and its monuments  (1998)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-author) Greeks Bearing Gifts (1997)<br /><a href=''>Lynette Mitchell</a> The Crooked Kings of Ancient Greece (1997)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Alexander the Great (1997)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> The Passions in Roman Thought and Literature (1997)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> (Co-ed.) The Development of the Polis in Archaic Greece (1997)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/l_mitchell/'>Lynette Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) Witchcraft and Magic in Europe. Volume 2. Ancient Greece and Rome (1997)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/ogden/'>Daniel Ogden</a> (Co-author) Mumienporträts - Chronologie und kultureller Kontext (1996)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> Ruling Roman Britain (1996)<br /><a href=''>David Braund</a> Greek Forms of Address (1996)<br /><a href=''>Eleanor Dickey</a> Personality in Greek Epic, Tragedy, and Philosophy (1996)<br /><a href=''>Christopher Gill</a> Greek Bastardy in the Classical and Hellenistic Periods (1996)<br /><a href=''>Daniel Ogden</a> Euripides: Bacchae (1996)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/seaford/'>Richard Seaford</a> (ed.) Greek Thought (1995)<br /><a href=''>Christopher Gill</a> Anatolia. Land, Men and Gods in Asia Minor. Volume I (1995)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Anatolia. Land, Men and Gods in Asia Minor. Volume II (1995)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Cremna in Pisidia (1995)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Reciprocity and Ritual (1995)<br /><a href=''>Richard Seaford</a> Remus. A Roman Myth (1995)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> The Discourses of Epictetus (1995)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> (Ed.) Georgia in Antiquity (1994)<br /><a href=''>David Braund</a> Greek Fiction: The Greek Novel in Context (1994)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/stoneman/'>Richard Stoneman</a> (Co-ed.) Legends of Alexander the Great (1994)<br />Translated and edited by <a href='/classics/staff/stoneman/'>Richard Stoneman</a> Historiography and Imagination. Eight essays on Roman culture (1994)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> (Ed.) Palmyra and its Empire: Zenobia's Revolt against Rome (1993)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> A Traveller's History of Turkey (1993)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World (1993)<br />edited by <a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> and <a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> Monuments from Appia and the Upper Tembris Valley... (1993)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) Turchia: Guida Culturale (1993)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/stoneman/'>Richard Stoneman</a> (co-author) Euripides. Heraclidae (1993)<br />Edited with an introduction and commentary by <a href='/classics/staff/wilkins/'>John Wilkins</a> Talking to Virgil. A Miscellany (1992)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Grecia: Guida Culturale (1991)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> The Greek Alexander Romance (1991)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Greek Mythology: An Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legend (1991)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> New Selected Odes of Pindar. Text (1991)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/dickey/'>Eleanor Dickey</a> and Richard Hamilton New Selected Odes of Pindar. Commentary (1991)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/dickey/'>Eleanor Dickey</a> and Richard Hamilton Death of an emperor: Flavius Josephus (1991)<br />Trans. (with introduction) by <a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> A short history of the British School at Rome (1990)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> The Person and the Human Mind (1990)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/gill/'>Christopher Gill</a> (ed.) Monuments from the Aezanitis (1988)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/mitchell/'>Stephen Mitchell</a> (Co-ed.) Euripides Cyclops (1988)<br />Edited with introduction and commentary, <a href='/classics/staff/seaford/'>Richard Seaford</a> Land of Lost Gods: The Search for Classical Greece (1987)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Across the Hellespont: A Literary Guide to Turkey (1987)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Catullus and his world: a reappraisal (1987)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Roman Studies (1987)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> The Inheritance of Historiography 350-900 (1986)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> (Co-ed.) Roman Political Life 90BC-AD69 (1985)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> (Ed.) Augustus to Nero (1984)<br /><a href=''>David Braund</a> A Literary Companion to Travel in Greece (1984)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Rome and the friendly king (1983)<br /><a href=''>David Braund</a> Armies and Frontiers in Roman and Byzantine Anatolia (1983)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> The Administration of the Roman Empire 241BC-AD193 (1983)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/braund/'>David Braund</a> (Ed.) Regional Epigraphic Catalogues of Asia Minor II (1982)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Daphne into Laurel; Translations of Classical Poetry from Chaucer to the Present (1982)<br /><a href=''>Richard Stoneman</a> Plato. The Atlantis Story (1980)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> Asvan Kale. Keban Resue Excavations, Eastern Anatolia (1980)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Mitchell</a> Julius Caesar. The Battle for Gaul (1980)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/wiseman/'>T.P. Wiseman</a> (Co-translator) Pompeii (1979)<br /><a href=''>Richard Seaford</a> Clio's Cosmetics: Three Studies in Greco-Roman Literature (1979)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Titus Flavius and the Indivisible Subject (1978)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Cinna the Poet and other Roman Essays (1974)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> New Men in the Roman Senate: 139BC-AD14 (1971)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a> Catullan Questions (1969)<br /><a href=''>Peter Wiseman</a>