Photo of Dr Mark Robinson

Dr Mark Robinson

Research interests

I have been involved in research in Belize since 2004 on projects that range from the submerged saltworks of the coastal lagoons, to monumental architecture, to the ritual caves of the mountains. My research has particularly focused on human-environment interactions, including wood and charcoal identification to understand resource exploitation and anthropogenic impacts on the forest. 

Since 2015 my primary research has been on the AHRC funded project, Je Landscapes of Southern Brazil. The interdisciplinary research is exploring the dependent relatonships amongst climate, vegetation, and humans, as well as anthropological questions regarding the manfestation of social structure in funerary monuments. 

Research collaborations

Je Landscapes of Southern Brazil, with Jose Iriarte (University of Exeter)

Pre-Columbian Amazon Scale Transformations, With Jose Iriarte (University of Exeter)

The Origins of Plant Domestication in the Upper Madeira River Basin in Lowland South America, With Jose Iriarte & Charles Clement

Climate and Culture, India, with Gillian Juleff (University of Exeter), Dhananjay Sant & K. Krishnan (MSU-Baroda)

Las Cuevas Archaeological Research Project, Belize, with Holley Moyes (University of California-Merced)

Belize Cave Research Project, Belize, with Holley Moyes (University of California-Merced) & Jaime Awe (Northern Arizona University)

Bladen Paleoindian and Archaic Project, Belize, with Keith Prufer (University of New Mexico)