Dr Marisa Lazzari

Senior Lecturer


Extension: 5329

Telephone: 01392 725329

I specialise in the archaeology of circulation and social interaction in the south-central Andes, with a particular focus in north-western Argentina. I look at ancient regional connections and how these shaped landscapes over the long-term, through the analysis of artefacts and materials traditionally studied separately, such as obsidian and pottery.  My research combines technological analysis of stone tools, sourcing studies of raw materials (lithics and clays), and intra-site and regional distributions of artefacts in order to explore the cultural taxonomies that organised and assessed the value of things and materials in the past.

I also undertake interdisciplinary research on indigenous contemporary struggles for recognition in the field of cultural heritage. Combining archaeological, anthropological, social theory and material culture perspectives, this strand of my research explores identities as  socio-material networks embedded in particular landscapes with long-term histories.