Professor Robin Dennell

Honorary Professor


I am a palaeolithic archaeologist whose main research interests are the palaeolithic and Pleistocene of Asia, particularly China and East Asia. I am especially interested in how our ancestors dispersed across Asia and eventually managed to colonise Australia and the Americas. I’ve published over 100 research papers, and my most important recent publication is ”The Palaeolithic Settlement of Asia”, published by Cambridge University Press in 2009. I have recently collaborated with Chinese colleagues in searching for early palaeolithic evidence in the Loess Plateau of Central China, and later palaeolithic evidence in Inner Mongolia. In recent years I have become interested in increasing the number of palaeolithic and human evolution sites world with World Heritage status. I am one of the representatives of ICOMOS (the International Commission on Monuments and Sites) which advises the World Heritage Committee, and a member of the UNESCO HEADS (human evolution, adaptation, dispersals and social developments) programme of the World Heritage Centre, the aim of which is to increase the representation of palaeolithic and human evolution sites with World Heritage status. I was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 2012.