Carly Ameen

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Extension: 6248

Telephone: 01392 726248

Carly is an archaeological scientist specialising in zooarchaeology. Her research focuses on the use of Geometric Morphometrics (GMM) to distinguish between the faunal remains of closely related animals and identify domesticates in archaeological contexts. She is primarily interested in how changes in animal morphology are related to changing husbandry practices and the unique cultural roles of animals in the past.

Carly holds degrees in archaeological science and anthropology and she recently completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool as part of the NERC funded “Deciphering Dog Domestication” project. Her thesis focused on the analysis of morphometric variability in prehistoric New World dogs, and investigated how changes in canid morphology can reflect changes in the cultural, technological and economic use of dogs in the Americas. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher with the AHRC funded “Easter E.g.” project investigating the introduction of the European hare and rabbit to Britain.