Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments.

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23 February 201812:30

Archaeology Research Seminar - Biocultural landscapes in the flood plain savannas in Africa & South America

Professor Doyle McKey from the University of Montpellier is presenting this Research Seminar entitled "Of termites, earthworms, hydrology and humans: co-construction of biocultural landscapes in flood plain savannas of Africa and South America". Full details
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1 March 201814:30

Archaeology Research Seminar: a bespoke project for study of Roman military presence in NW Iberia

Dr Jose Manuel Costa Garcia of University of Newcastle, together with Joao Fonte from University of Exeter and David Gonzale\ Alvarez from Durham University, are giving a seminar on ROMANARMY.EU - a bespoke project for the study of the Roman military presence in North West Iberia. Full details
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8 March 201815:00

Archaeology Research Seminar: Feeding Anglo-Saxon England

Professor Helena Hamerow from University of Oxford is giving a Research Seminar on Feeding Anglo-Saxon England - the Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution. This event is co-organised with the Society of Antiquaries of London. PLEASE NOTE THIS STARTS AT 3PM. Full details
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15 March 201814:30

Archaeology Research Seminar: The Ness of Brodgar, Orkney and the appliance of science

Dr Nick Card (Islands and Highlands) is giving a Research Seminar on "The Ness of Brodgar, Orkney and the appliance of science" - co-organised with the Devon Archaeological Society. Full details
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16 March 201812:30

Archaeology Research Seminar: Secrets of the Anglo-Saxon Goldsmiths by Dr Eleanor Blakelock

Dr Eleanor Blakelock from the Historical Metallurgy Society is giving a talk on the Secrets of the Anglo-Saxon Goldsmiths: the results from the analysis of gold from the Staffordshire Hoard. Full details
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22 March 201814:30

Archaeology Research Seminar: Writing with twisted cords

Dr Sabine Hyland from University of St Andrews is giving a research seminar on "Writing with twisted cords: two newly discovered Khipu epistles" - this event is co-organised with the Centre of the Archaeology of the Americas and the Centre for Latin American Studies. Full details
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