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Application process

Our offer


You will need to notify UCAS of your decision by the deadline UCAS provide for you on UCAS Track (for most applicants this will be in early May). You will need to select one Firm (ie, first choice) university and, if your firm choice is a Conditional offer and you have been made other offers, one Insurance choice university. Further information on responding to your offers can be found on the UCAS website. 

Confirmation - receiving your results

'Confirmation' refers to the period in August each year when the University receives examination results for applicants taking GCE, A levels, or other qualifications, who have accepted conditional offers. If you firmly accept our conditional offer and then are not able to satisfy the terms exactly, we will reconsider our offer in August in the light of your actual performance and the performance of others seeking entry to the same programme. However, you should be aware that we can make no guarantee that it will be possible to accept you if you do not meet the conditions exactly. 

Any contextual information which you think is relevant, that may have effected your performance in respect of grades should be sent in advance of the A level results. Whilst we guarantee to consider such information, we are not always in a position to make concessions, but of course we endeavour to be as compassionate as possible. Amended grades will be taken into consideration, provided results are received by 31 August. In all cases, all conditions have to be satisfied by 31 August irrespective of year of entry. Where we receive your amended grades after this date, we will consider you for deferred entry (ie, for entry in the following year) providing we receive the amended results by mid-September.

Further information about all aspects of applying can be found on both the UCAS website and our website.

Further information

Further information about applying can be found on the Undergraduate Study webpages.

Please consult the UCAS website for a full listing of deadline dates.


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