Charlotte Black

BA English
Year Abroad Destination: China

Choosing to study abroad has been the one of the most challenging, invigorating, and life-changing decisions I’ve made. The experience of studying as part of a close-knit international student network, and simultaneously living immersed in a totally different culture is, cliché as it sounds, incomparable. Living for a year in Shanghai has made me more certain of my ability to cope on my own than ever before; my language skills have improved exponentially, and I have a whole new network of friends from every corner of the globe. What more could you ask for! I feel the skills I have learnt have taught me the value of cross-cultural communication, and to enjoy things completely outside my natural comfort zone, but most importantly, has given me a space to be challenged in ways I never could have been in my home country. Study Abroad has given me a taste of life as a global citizen - a lifestyle I hope to continue as a graduate!