Week in the Life of ...

Philip Mahoney

BA Flexible Combined Honours with Study Abroad (French, Chinese and International Relations)


Early start with my Modern China history seminar which involved a lively discussion! I then had a French grammar seminar at midday; following this I had to get my skates on to get to the squash courts in time for training! Back to the flat to crack on with some coursework and preparation for tomorrow's lectures before heading out to enjoy the Exeter nightlife.


Busy day today, starting with my International Relations seminar, and then a trip to the Students Guild for lunch with some of my course mates before heading off to my French seminar. After some more private study and research in the library, I went to my Modern China lecture, then back for dinner with my flatmates.


Started today early with an energetic run around campus which is absolute bliss on a crisp autumn morning; certainly put me in the mood for my French oral class at 8.30! My lectures finish at midday on Wednesdays, so I have the chance to head in to town before coming back for my 'Peer Assisted Learning' session in Queen's Café. Headed out for the weekly Squash Society social in the evening.


Early Chinese class this morning, followed by conversation practice with the French Society at lunchtime, and then double Chinese class later in the afternoon. Then back to the flat for dinner and to watch Netflix with my flatmates.


Another early start today with Chinese class, followed by my French translation seminar, before heading back to the flat for lunch. In the afternoon I had my weekly International Relations lecture. As it's Friday that means it's off out again tonight into Exeter to relax after a full on week of work and lectures!


Started the day with a run which set me up for a productive day of reading and essay writing; cooked dinner before relaxing with my flatmates catching up on TV missed during the (rather hectic!) week.


Went to the squash courts in the morning with some mates to relax and practice what I'd learnt in my training session on Monday. Back to the flat to cook some lunch before finishing off some notes and homework in the afternoon ahead of next week's classes.