Week in the Life of ...

Mary Hartley
BA Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese)


Early start on a Monday- French translation at 8.30! Mainly a day spent reading for an essay, broken up by a Portuguese grammar class and Spanish oral. Cooked a stir-fry with friends for dinner.


3 classes again today, one for each language. Did my first ever presentation in Portuguese; I was a travel agent promoting a trip to Lisbon to my classmates. Went out for pizza at The Stable in the evening. 


Just a lecture for my ‘Multilingualism’ module today which I’m really enjoying, learning mainly about minority languages. Then set up camp in the library for a few hours of essay reading/planning for that module. I’m doing the essay on the Basque language.


No classes today! I have Thursdays off every other week.  Still managed to get to campus early on to crack on with my essay and to do some revision for an upcoming Portuguese listening exam. Committee meeting for Exeter Student Volunteers in the afternoon.


A trip to the campus physio to sort out my bad back so I can get back to gym classes! Met with a classmate to prepare a presentation and some activities for next week’s Spanish oral class. Portuguese, French and Spanish classes throughout the day. Watched a film with friends in the evening.


Did research into internship opportunities for my year abroad. (Will be spending most of the year in Portugal and going to France and Spain in the summer holidays either side). Made a start on writing a cover letter in Spanish. Went into town in the afternoon.


Went to Haldon Forest Park for a walk with a friend and then played a netball match in the evening (I’m captain for the French Society team).