Lauren Harris

BA Modern Languages (French and Spanish)

What do you enjoy most about your degree?

What I love about my degree is the flexibility of the course and how I can design my degree to what truly interests me i.e. by having a variety of culture modules to choose from. It is great having lecturers that are native speakers of the languages I am studying and I believe that this has really helped me to strengthen both my listening and speaking skills.

What do you love most about the University of Exeter and living in Exeter?

I love being part of a campus university! Not only is it beautiful but you can also guarantee that you will see friends/flatmates around during your day. What is also great about living in Exeter is that it is not too big so it is easy to get around everywhere. It is a 15 minute walk from campus to town which is ideal. It is handy being able to walk everywhere, in fact, I don’t think I have used a bus once this year.

What are you interested in doing after you graduate?

This is still something I am figuring out but I have been made aware just how many options there are available for Modern Languages students. I am potentially interested in interpretation and this is something I am researching further. 


Week in the Life of ...

Lauren Harris


I start my day at 9.30am with a French speaking seminar. My next lecture isn’t until 2.30pm so I usually go to the library to get some work done. At 2.30 I have a lecture on Spanish Golden Age Poetry. Monday evenings are usually more related, often having a night in with my flatmates watching a film etc.


Tuesdays include my first seminar at 8.30am. I have Spanish speaking at 8.30am and then Sociolinguistics of French at 9.30am. Then I will go to the library or meet a friend for lunch on campus before my 1.30 seminar. At 1.30 I have Spanish Writing and then French Translation at 2.30 with a bit of a trek between from Harrison to Washington Singer. Evenings often include going to the pub quiz at The Vic or going on my favourite night out – Cheesies!


Wednesday is a quieter day with just one lecture at 11.30am – this being Spanish Translation. It is nice having free time in the afternoon to relax or meet with friends. Wednesday nights either involve going to Wednesday Time Piece for a Korfball Social or watching Bake Off!


Thursday is a very early start! I leave the house at 7am for Korfball training at 7.30-9.00am. I am then lucky to have a day off every other week so I can use that time to get work done or otherwise I have a Spanish Golden Age Poetry Seminar at 11.30am. Evenings usually involve going to student night at my local church.


Friday starts with a 9.30am sociolinguistics lecture and then a French Writing seminar at 11.30am. Sometimes after this I will go to The RAM with friends. Evenings are spent at the Sports Hall doing Korfball training from 7-9pm.


Weekend tend to vary but most weeks I will have a Korfball match either in Exeter or away at somewhere like Bristol or Taunton. At the moment my Saturday nights mostly involve watching Strictly with my housemates and having food together but there are often house parties or nights out arranged with my course mates.

Sunday morning I go to a church service and then there is often student lunch afterwards so I get to spend time with my friends there. The rest of the day can vary with plans but I like to have a relaxed evening in the house to prepare for the week ahead.