Week in the Life of ...

Danielle Newey
BA Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Chinese)


My first seminar was at 10.30 so used the morning to catch up on emails and any work leftover from previous week. Looked over my notes on recent news articles for my French oral seminar. At lunchtime, went to “Synrgy”, a high-energy gym class, followed by a chicken and guac wrap from Comida to refuel! Used the afternoon to prepare my seminar notes for Sociolinguistics of French.


Prepared my Spanish translation for this week’s seminar, was quite challenging but seem to have worked it out now. Had an academic tutoring meeting to review my progress, objectives for the year and any plans post-graduation. Dressed up in fancy dress (emoji-themed) to go to Cheesy Tuesdays, a classic club night in Exeter!


No lectures today, so a welcome lie-in after last night. Chaired an SSLC meeting, which provides a forum for student-staff communication. Went to Trampolining training, where I practised routines for a competition at the weekend. Headed home to watch the Bake-Off final!


Had Chinese seminar at 8.30 so got up early to run through my presentation on women’s role in society. Did bike intervals at the gym during the break between my seminars, followed by a well-deserved Pie from Pieminister on campus! Received feedback on my French formative essay, didn’t do as well as last time, so I plan to arrange a meeting with the lecturer. The Apprentice tonight!


Prepared the topic of Brexit to discuss in my Spanish oral seminar, followed by a meeting with the Chinese department to discuss course improvements. It was my turn to cook in the “Come Dine with Me” nights I’m doing with my friends, everyone seemed to enjoy the paella!


Trampolining competition at Bristol University. This one was just a day comp, so I was awake very early to drive up there, competed in individual and synchro events, then headed back down in the evening. We did pretty well, coming away with 4 medals in total.


Went to Brodys for Brunch with housemates, then started research for my Sociolinguistics formative assignment.