A week in the life of...

Phoebe Greenwold

BA Liberal Arts with Study Abroad


8:30-9:30: Give a presentation on required readings in International Relations Seminar

3:00: Afternoon Tea social with the Jewish Society


9:30-11:30: Spanish Seminar

11:30-1:00: International Relations Lecture

2:00: Meeting with mentee

3:30: Meeting with Florence Gomez (Director of Education for Liberal Arts) to discuss SSLC matters

11pm: Watch the US elections


9:30-10:30: Student Partnership Board

10:30-12:30: Think Tank Seminar

12:30:  meeting with Archaeology subject chair to discuss good practise

1:30 onwards: work in the sanctuary work space


9:00: Meeting with Harry Reeve (VP Education) regarding Hubs project

10:00-11:30: Work in DH1 and sell tickets for Jewish Society Event

11:30-12:30: Economics seminar

1:30: meeting with Change Agents to decide on projects

3:00: meeting with the Career Zone to discuss Career Mentor scheme possibilities

4:00 work and chill at home


8:30-9:30: Spanish Formative listening and reading test

11:00: Exeter Cathedral service for Remembrance Day

12:00: go shopping in town and relax

8:00: go out for dinner with a friend and go clubbing


Wake up late

Catch up on TV

Do work

Make dinner with a friend, watch movies and eat chocolate


10:00: Go to Boston Tea Party for friend’s birthday

11:00-4:00: Walk in Teignmouth with Liberal Arts Society

4:00 onwards: Work, chill and prepare for the week ahead