A week in the life of...

Eve Robbins

BA Liberal Arts


My week starts with a 2-hour Monday morning French class where I hand in a short essay (250 words) that I’d worked on over the weekend – we then do some listening exercises and a class debate. In the afternoon, I work on homework in the Foreign Language Centre and in the evening, I go to the weekly Debating Society workshop with a friend from my accommodation.


As a Freshers Rep for the Liberal Arts Society, I was asked to bake cakes for the sale in the Forum to raise money for our social events (as well as donating half of proceeds to the Student Action for Refugees charity). So in true Mary Berry style, I woke up and put my apron on to tackle the recipe in a student kitchen. With “LA” (liberal arts) cupcakes in hand, I dropped them off at the stall and then headed to the library to do some reading for my afternoon seminar. My seminar for core module “Food, Famine and Feast” lasted two hours with some interesting debate on the prospect of food production post-Brexit. In the evening, I read more for my coursework essay, and then cooked dinner with flatmates.


This is a free day on my timetable – fairly common for Humanities students! I spend the morning at the library, taking out books and getting through homework…there’s a fair amount of solitary study on a Humanities course. Later on, a group of us go to the university’s football team varsity match (Exeter wins!)


After a 7am start for Triathlon Club training, I try to stay awake through my morning Sociology lecture about the Communications Revolution. The majority of my lectures are recorded and posted online but I prefer to attend in order to ask questions of the lecturer at the end and also to meet with course-mates. In the evening, I go along to an optional French conversation class to speak with native French students and also to talk with them in English.


Just one contact-hour today – an afternoon French class – and then it’s the weekend! On Saturday, I’ll be relaxing in the flat with friends and going out in the evening. On Sunday, the French Society Intramural Netball team are playing a match against other societies and groups; this is a really fantastic way to get involved with sport whilst meeting students from different year groups who share similar interests!