Week in the Life of ...

Thomas Wales
BA History

Day 1

I was spending this weekend on campus, in the library, ahead of my forthcoming deadline. While intense, I knew it was the last push before the Christmas break and I had an exciting week coming up.

Day 2

Sunday was spent much the same as Saturday, my house and I made Christmas dinner that night which ended my busy weekend on a high.

Day 3

Mondays are usually quite busy on campus, given the start of the week. In between my Special Subject seminar on Genocide and job at the Marketplace on Streatham Campus, I spent most of my time in the library. I was reading for my end of term essay for my comparative module on violence against women in Civil Wars. Campus was feeling particularly Christmassy.

Day 4

As part of Be The Change Society, we promote environmental and social change on campus and around Exeter. Today we ran our ‘Christmas Extravaganza’. This involved selling Fairtrade Christmas bundles, which was an enjoyable break from essay writing! This evening I attended our History Society Christmas Dinner, which was a lovely way to round off the term.

Day 5

As a History student my contact hours are less of that than others, and I have Wednesdays and Thursdays free. Going studio cycling that evening was a welcome break after working again at the Marketplace on Wednesday morning and working on my essay.

Day 6

Our last Comparative Civil Wars seminar of term was a relaxed one with the deadline fast approaching. Seminars on contemporary topics are always easier to engage with, so discussing post-Cold War civil wars was interesting. I also found out that an article I wrote for The Historian undergraduate Exeter Journal had been published about my Student Ambassadorship for the Council for the At-Risk Academics, which was fulfilling.

Day 7

After submitting my essay that morning I had a relaxing day with my housemates before going out in the evening after a very stressful, but satisfying week. All weeks as a history student differ and while third year is stressful, it has been an extremely enjoyable term.