Week in the Life of ...

Matt Wilcock
BA History and Modern languages (German)


With an eye on graduation I thought I would book a few Career Zone classes this week. 10:00 – 12:00 “Leadership Skills” class, Packed Lunch on Campus, 13:30 “Think about project planning” cancelled, so went home, 10km run. Sorted out budget and finances. Worked some on dissertation in the evening + watched Peaky Blinders. Starting to get ill.


10:00 SSLC meeting followed by Friday’s “Yes Minister” lecture – which got moved to today. Translations for Wednesday checked and completed. Lunch on campus. More dissertation work, finishing off the introduction. Met Holly for coffee. Early bed.


Woke up 02:00 to see Hillary/ Trump showdown at the Labour Constituency Party. Job applications for Xmas period. Work on dissertation, finishing off introduiction. Very tired. 10:30 Translations lecture. Went home, watched Peaky Blinders, napped. Getting very ill. Sprints + dissertation work.


Presentation of dissertation introduction to supervisor. Planned rest of 2016. Coffee with Ben, + packed lunch. Went to Career Zone lecture on Effective Presentation Skills 12:30, then 15:00 talk on “Persuading, Influencing and Negotiating”. Feeling ready to take on a challenge. Went for a few drinks at the Vic with housemates + their mates.


Opened presents and cards. Went to Santander on Campus. Coffee with Ben. SSLC meeting notes write-up, lots of admin and starting next chapter of my dissertation in the Foreign Language Centre on Campus. Run with Ben and Ciaran. Poland –Romania game, drinks.


Hungover – no work achieved. Social day and day of chores – Morrison’s, coffee in town. Watched Peaky Blinders. Went on slow, slow run.


Translations for week 9 done. Tougher than expected. Application for Xmas job done a bit more. Plan created for content essay. Chilled at home with housemates a bit, followed by a longer run with Ben, 30km.