Week in the Life of ...

Barnabas Balint
BA History


Meet with my Modern World Study group to put together our presentation for next week, including taking the ever-popular selfie as proof of attendance! Later work on some French grammar exercises in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson, then on to two History lectures.


Head up to the library to put the finishing touches on a presentation for my Medieval and Early Modern World seminar on Wednesday. Go to a French lesson in the afternoon, followed by a Medieval and Early Modern World lecture in the early evening. Then over to the Model United Nations Society for an evening debate.


Get up early for my Medieval and Early Modern World seminar, in which I have a group presentation to give. Afterwards, organise when I meet my study group, and start on the reading list for next week’s seminar. Get some feedback on my essay plan and start writing! Finish the day off by having a go as some first aid with the First Aid Society.


Head off in the morning to a French speaking lesson, then carry on working on my essay, reading and presentations for next week. Put the final preparations on my critical question answers on sources for tomorrow’s Making History seminar. Finish the day by going to a public lecture – there are so many on at Exeter there’s always an amazing array of speakers and something interesting choose to listen to: The History Society, Historical Association, Strategy and Security Institute, Political Societies etc.


Get up very (comparatively) early in the morning for my 8:30am lecture, followed by a Making History seminar. Work on anything that needs doing (essay, reading, seminar preparation) for next week, and then celebrate the end of the week with one final afternoon lecture!


Disappear off into the beautiful Devon countryside for whole day of walking with the Out Of Doors Society.


Prepare for the coming week. Work on any extra-curricular activities (e.g. the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations organising committee). Finish the day by listening to choral Evensong at the beautiful Cathedral.