Laura Weeks

BA History (Penryn Campus)

I am a great believer in being inspired to pursue a love you have and my love was for history. My secondary school teacher was a huge inspiration to me who told me to always pursue was you enjoy and love, even if you do not know what career it will lead you into.

What I enjoy most about my degree is the diversity that it offers. I chose the Cornwall Campus due to its range of different topics that I knew would broaden my historical understanding. When there are so many different module choices on offer, it is easy to fall into the trap of studying modules that you feel fit your comfort zone- Cornwall Campus challenges that.

As a Cornish student living and studying in Cornwall, what I love most is that I am close to home and I am studying in familiar surroundings. Although I am originally from Cornwall, I did stay in halls of residents and did house share in Falmouth last year. What I think is the best thing to love about Cornwall Campus is the diversity of students and how we share a campus with Art students which allows us to develop and branch out on extracurricular activities and studies.

My long-term goal is to work for charities. I am a great believer in helping those less fortunate and thus would love to work in disaster relief areas. I have also looked at Postgraduate studies in International Development, however I am looking at volunteer work first through the Career Zone to help me with these applications. 


Week in the Life of ...

Laura Weeks
BA History (Penryn Campus)


Early morning wake up, must drive into uni for a 10am lecture (Indigenous Histories)
Studied in the HUSS suite for 2 hours before returning home to finish Indigenous Essay
Worked at local bar/restaurant from 5pm


Another early morning, driving into uni for 10am lecture on Early modern landscapes- guest lecture.
Had a meeting with Dr. Nicola Whyte to discuss essay and preparation for Thursday presentation.
Returned home and referenced my essay- also began presentation work.
Had dinner with the family- mums cooking is the best!


Had a lie in this morning- do not have uni until 11am for Indigenous Seminar- interesting topic this week on Playing Indian.
Had lunch at the Stannary-
Returned home- finished presentation for tomorrows seminar.
Enjoyed the evening with my family and had an early night.


Presentation day 9am-1pm
This was assessed and was 15% of my grade.
Presentation went well.
Went and had a hair cut then met some friends for dinner in Falmouth.


No timetabled lectures today so had a day of rest.
Chilled and watched a few films.
5pm went to work and worked until late.


Had a lie in due to late night
Went to work again- being a student is expensive!


Today I had a chill day and caught up with some dissertation reading- The Christmas break is perfect to get some of the dissertation done.