Charity James

BA History (Penryn Campus)

I chose to study at the Penryn campus because of its size and location - it has the benefits of being a Russell Group University, with a renowned reputation, as well as being a small, intimate environment. Coming to the Cornwall campus has also allowed me to try new experiences such as coasteering and snorkelling. My experience as a student has been great so far!

I have really enjoyed my course so far. My time at university has widened what I would consider history, and has challenged my own assumptions that I bring to my work.

One of my favourite modules has been the Second Year Public History module - I enjoyed working with the wider community, outside of the structured lectures and seminars.

I would definitely recommend coming to University of Exeter, Penryn campus, to study history. If you can, come along to an Open Day or go on a Campus tour - this will help to give you sense of what Penryn campus is all about. I would also recommend that you have a look the module choices, as the number available is limited due to the size of the campus. However, there is still a wide selection of periods and times to choose from, and it is the small size of the campus that make it unique. I feel that I know everyone on my course in my year and feel comfortable to ask any of my lecturers for help and guidance with my studies.