A week in the life of...

Pedro Torres Barrios

BA Film Studies


Monday is my free day, but I walked up to campus for my first SSLC meeting. Dressed up as Vito Corleone for the Halloween social at The Monkey Suit!


Shots in the Dark lecture, watched Bonnie and Clyde. Went to volleyball training and then cooked dinner with housemates.


Watched Chinatown in the Wednesday screening and attended the Study Abroad presentation for Humanities students in the Amory building. Worked in the library until the evening.


Woke up early for my French seminar, followed by the Film seminar. Met some friends in The Ram for lunch. Late night volleyball training and dinner at home.


Had lunch at home and went to my Oral and Listening French class. Got prepared to start the Phoenix’s 48 Hour Film Challenge and started writing and storyboarding!


Shot the short film in a pub and in the fields behind Streatham campus. Went home for dinner and had an early night.


Started editing the short film in the morning. Played volleyball for an hour. Submitted the film and had a film night with my friends!