A week in the life of...

Jorunn Joiner

BA English and Film Studies


No lectures today so I spend most of the day reading and planning for my dissertation. It’s quite nice to have a day to catch up on work needing to be done. Cooked dinner and then watched Twin Peaks.


Had a lie in as my first lecture was at lunchtime, really interesting week on Japanese surrealism. Went straight to Campus Cinema, where we showed Captain Fantastic, definitely worth a watch! The Ram was too full to watch the election in so I went home instead and watched it for a bit before going to bed.


Woke up the news that Donald Trump had been elected president of the USA – lots of interesting discussions going around campus as I arrived. As a subject chair I has a meeting with the Student Partnership Board, then did some studying at Queen’s. Had a dissertation meeting with a tutor in preparation to send in the proposal form. Went to Exeter Cathedral’s Christmas Market with friends, and later in the evening attended a 1980’s-themed house party!


Got up early for my War and Visual Media lecture, then did some studying in the Loft until it was time for my seminar on Surrealism. Went home and watch the required screening for tomorrows seminar: Our War: Goodbye Afghanistan. Very interesting!


Had an early seminar for War and Visual Media, after which I went to town for a bit, then returned to campus for a screening. At home I did some drawing, some studying, and ended the day with an episode of Generation War.


Studied for a bit, then had lunch in town with a friend – always nice to catch up! Did some shopping and went home, where my housemates and I spent the evening making mulled cider and eating a delicious coffee cake.


Wrote another draft of my object analysis assignment for Surrealism, then spent some time with my housemates and baked a chocolate mud cake. In the evening I went to Campus Cinema, where we were showing Sausage Party, apparently it was more fun than expected! Whilst the film was playing I skyped my parents, and spent time with my committee friends.