A week in the life of ...

Loren Smith

BA English (Streatham)


Woke up for early morning football fitness and then headed to a lecture on post-structuralism. Brief library trip to type up some notes and then lunch with a friend before a Beginnings lecture on Shakespeare. Worked an evening shift in the catered canteen


Proof read an essay before a Beginnings lecture and then off to an Academic English seminar – then Cheesy Tuesdays!


Long lie in and then brushed up on some skills in Dr Emily’s lecture essay writing lecture. Tried (and failed) to look elegant at my first ballet lesson. Squash thrift shop social at Timepiece!


Day off! Rode my bike into town for a food shop and met a friend for coffee. Found some useful books in the library and then planned an essay for next week. Squash training before working an evening shift in the catered canteen.


Early wake up for a Beginnings seminar and then a meet up in Queen’s Café with my study group. Next up an Approaches To Criticism seminar. Went to evening Football training and then back home to watch the Graham Norton Show - can’t miss Coldplay performing!


Squash morning fitness session and then to the library to start writing an essay. Caught up on next week’s reading and then watched The Artist for Academic English


Took part in Mostista with the squash girls to raise money for men’s health. Then back home for a flat family meal – I made scones!