A week in the life of ...

Jenny Willcock

BA English (Streatham)


I have a study group for Acts of Writing – Literature and Film 1953 to the Present – we discuss this week’s questions set by our tutor. Then I have my Acts lecture, followed by a film screening for my British Screens module. Me and my housemates go to the Firehouse for pizza and the pub quiz!


I have an 8:30-10:30 Acts seminar – we discuss the set questions mostly. I stay on campus to do my British Screens reading, meet a friend for lunch, then have my second film screening of the week. I have a night in – another early start tomorrow!


8:30 workshop for British Screens – we look at material from the museum, which relates to this week’s films. I meet my project group after – we have to curate a museum’s display for our end of term assessment. I work a catering shift on campus, handing out drinks at an event


My day off! I finish my reading for tomorrow. In the afternoon I volunteer at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum on campus. In the evening, I watch TV with my housemates and work on dissertation ideas


I have my British Screens seminar, then I go into town for food shopping. Friday night I go to a friend’s for dinner. Have a movie night at home or go out for drinks.


I meet friends for lunch, work on my assignments and read (I have a novel for next week to finish). In the evening, I go to the cinema with my housemates or go on a night out


I catch up on all the reading I haven’t done for next week … having few contact hours is great but I’m still not great at structuring my time!