Ellie Cox

A week in the life of ...

Ellie Cox

BA English


Walked to my Desire and Power seminar at 10.30 and then met friends on campus for coffee. After studying for a while in the library, I walked into town to work for my part time job in the local supermarket.


Work at the supermarket again this morning, and then to campus to seminar prep and to eat lunch. After my seminar for Desire and Power I cycled home and had dinner, cooking with a housemate. We then got ready and pre-drank before heading out for pub golf!


Had a lecture for Modernism and Modernity this morning and then chilled out at home for the afternoon. At three o’clock I walked into town for afternoon tea with another society, and then waked to a local care home where we have read and socialise with the residents.


Since I have no contracted university hours today I spent the day with some moderate studying, and breaking for lunch with some friends. After lunch I headed over to Dartmoor with my boyfriend which was super fun!


Got up early this morning and walked to university to meet my friend for coffee before my Modernism seminar, which was enjoyable! After the seminar, I walked home and took an afternoon off work, heading over to Dartmoor with my boyfriend. Instead of heading out this evening, we had a chilled evening in, sat in the living room with housemates.


This morning I did some reading for next week. I did another shift at work and then managed to catch a lift home afterwards. Normally Saturday afternoon is very chilled out, but my family are visiting me soon- arriving tomorrow! So instead of relaxing, I madly ran around the house attempting to make our student living look vaguely acceptable! We all went out to a posh-do in the evening which was great fun!


Sunday was a very chilled day, ending the busy week with some light reading for next week’s seminars and catching up on The Apprentice.