A week in the life of ...

Tom Crane

BA English (Penryn Campus)


Lucky enough to have a free day on Mondays, so lots of reading to be caught up on! I have got something to look forward though – a coffee and a catch up with a friend at 4pm. Later on, I’ve got a rehearsal to go to – FECCLES (that is, Falmouth and Exeter Cornwall Campus Live Entertainment Society – the theatre society) are performing Tom Stoppard’s ‘Arcadia’. My first rehearsal today!


Two lectures today! One at 12, that’s Reason and Passion (the 18th Century Module), and the Modernism to the Contemporary lecture straight after at 1. I’ve got the rest of the day to work in the library, catch up on some reading! That is, until 5, when the FXU Pagan Society (of which, I am a committee member) is hosting an event. And it’s my job to make sure it goes well – agh!


Early start – two and a half hour seminar for Modernism to the Contemporary, starting at 9am. Still, at least it means I’m up and doing all the work I should be getting on with. I would normally meet up with some friends from the Tabletop Gaming Society today, but deadline season is keeping them busy. I suppose that means I should be doing the housework I defiantly haven’t been putting off…


Nothing on until the afternoon today – the other seminar (Reason and Passion) is not until 3pm. That said, I do have a meeting with my tutor just before it, just to catch up on the terms progress and see if I can improve my academic work. It just so happens to have been my birthday recently, and it just so happens to student night on Thursdays, so a big night out is due later!


Hangovers are the most fun. I’m blessed enough to have no lectures or seminars on Fridays or Mondays (and don’t worry, I get the deserved amount of hate for that) so I don’t have to be up early. I do have a meeting in town with the rest of Pagan Society council, though. It helps to meet weekly to discuss our affairs. Also meeting some friends in the evening for a chill out, and a proper debrief of Thursday night’s celebration of course.


Ah, the weekend! But today might have to be to catch up on reading. Unless like you wake up in the afternoon, which I totally didn’t. Never mind, still plenty of time to get things done before the relaxing night in with a film we’ve got planned in the flat today. Could probably do with it!


I suppose I have to do some exercise at some point… I play for CSM Shinty team (it’s like hockey’s Celtic grandfather with less rules and more fun), and matches are on Sunday afternoons. Predictably, we didn’t do that well – but that’s ok, it’s a development league. It’s the tournament matches for Cornwall that really count!