A week in the life of ...

Ruby Whybrow

BA English (Penryn Campus)


Had no lectures or seminars today so got the train to Truro with my housemate to do some Christmas shopping. Headed home as it started to get dark and made spicy falafels for dinner – student life has finally made me more creative with cooking!


Caught the bus straight into town after lectures today. Met some friends for a bite to eat and a coffee and finished off my Christmas shopping before walking home for dinner and an early night.


Got up early this morning for a ‘From Modernism to the Contemporary’ seminar. Really enjoyed the text this week so it was especially interesting. Met my housemates for lunch on campus afterwards, and then went to the library for essay planning.


Worked on my Reason and Passion essay most of the day and then rewarded myself in the evening by spending student night at a party covered in glitter!


Dropped in to see my personal tutor with a few coursemates after my 'Reason and Passion' seminar today, for an end of term drink and catch up.


Went for a walk around the local woodland with my housemate this morning before a day of essay writing. Had a focussed day, then dropped into a house party in the evening.


Walked into town in the morning to get a few bits and pieces for a roast. Made a delicious Christmas dinner with my housemates and ended the week watching Planet Earth with hot chocolate.