A week in the life of...

Mikki Choy

BA English (Penryn Campus)


Had my last Shakespeare workshop of the term today(!!) We split into teams and did a fun Shakespeare quiz that had us second-guessing everything; it was pretty funny and we also got stickers at the end. Spent the rest of the day doing work on my next essay.


A lecture on two 18th Century poets, a lecture on Shakespeare then and now, followed by a workshop going through essay plans! Tuesday is usually one of my busier days in the week.


Only one lecture today! Went for some office-hour meetings where I talked to my professors about my essay. In the evening I went with friends to grab some pizza and helped one of them out with his photoshoot; that was pretty fun!


A lecture on modernising Shakespeare + a seminar today. Took a bus down to Falmouth and caught a film with a few of my flatmates! Went back to the flat after and made a pizza with one of my flatmates to share.


No lectures or workshops today; only my final seminar in the late afternoon so I got to sleep in for a bit! More work to do on my essay today.


Woke up to a rainy day but that didn’t stop a flatmate and I from taking a bus from campus to Truro! We wandered the streets doing some Christmas shopping and eating good food. Came back in the evening and worked on my essay in the library – really want to get this done asap!


Mostly did chores around my room today because I’m leaving for break tomorrow; hoovered my room, did all my laundry, organised my table, etc. Read through journal articles to prep for the essay before packing up for term. On a train homeward bound tomorrow