A week in the life of ...

Mia Collins

BA English (Penryn Campus)


No lectures or seminars today but have just handed in my Reason and Passion Summative Assignment, so am off to the beach to celebrate with friends! Had dinner with friends at Gylly Beach Café, headed home to read Reason and Passion novel for the week.


Woke up early and headed into Falmouth for a hot chocolate with friends and did some Christmas shopping. Headed up to campus for my lectures for the week- Reason and Passion, and From Modernism to the Contemporary. Enjoyed both, especially the Gothic- themed Reason and Passion lecture. Had an office hour with my academic tutor Jim Kelly regarding my progress throughout the year and how to tackle early revision over Christmas for Summer exams. Headed home to finish Reason and Passion novel for Thursday’s seminar.


Headed to campus for my From Modernism to the Contemporary seminar 10am- 12:30pm. Really enjoyed the short story texts for the week and Christmas themed seminar for the end of term. Stayed on campus to finish off my Reason and Passion reading in Koofi with a Christmas latte! Had Christmas meal with friends at Zizzi’s (50% off Wednesdays for students!) then went to the cinema.


Final seminar of the term today. Headed to campus early today for a meeting with The Career Zone about how to improve my internship application form to Penguin Random House. Met with friends and then attended the final Study Abroad meeting before the application deadline in January. Went for Koofi pizzas to talk with friends about the meeting. Attended Reason and Passion seminar 3-5:30pm. Headed back to my house to pack for tomorrow’s journey home for Christmas. Got ready and threw my housemate a surprise 21st birthday party before heading into Falmouth for the final student night of the term.


Up early today to catch the coach home to Manchester for Christmas! Have my books with me to start next term’s reading over Christmas but looking forward to a good holiday. Will be home on the 14th January ready to start term again on the 16th.