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BA Drama with Study Abroad

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Taylor Hill

BA Drama


Wake up at 08:30 for the first studio session of the week at 09:30. Studio session wakes me up for the rest of the day. Lecture on cultural materialism at 3:30. Very enlightening. Go back. Cook dinner. Netflix.


Two for one day at Dominos – can’t forget. Meet reading group at Costa for agreed time. Discuss readings. Browse the films in the library. Purchase an irresistible wrap from La Comida. Dominos at 19:00. Perfect.


Early start. Gym straight after morning studio session. Get back, chat with the cleaner, take out the bins and then free for the rest of the day. The Imperial in the evening with flat.


Seminar at 12:30, discussing Reader-response theory and cultural materialism. Fascinating stuff. Go back and do some reading, chill with the flat and then Breaking Bad night.


The weekend is here. Last early start for the week and then the weekend officially starts at 12:30; buy a famous celebratory meal deal from The Forum and interview my favourite band (Slaves) at 18:00. Best experience, ever.


Best day of the week. Spend some time reading (to make my life easier), off to The Imperial (again) in the evening to do some ale tasting and then Timepiece to paaaartaaaay!


Wake up, moderately hungover; flatmate makes me a cup of tea (hero), sticks bacon in the pan and that’s breakfast sorted. A fair amount of the day is spent alternating between readings and Netflix.